Alumni Questionnaire

In 2015, the German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation launched its alumni work with the two Living Future! Conferences in Berlin and Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Based on the feedback of the participants in these events and our aspiration to offer our alumni a platform for long-term networking and a continuation of professional exchange and mutual learning, we plan to establish regular alumni events.

In order to incorporate the ideas and suggestions of the people who implemented more than 100 bilateral Israeli-German projects – you – , we would like to ask you to fill out the below questionnaire and share your thoughts and recommendations with us.

All submissions will enter a draw for one economy class flight ticket from Germany to Israel (or vice versa) and back. The winner will be notified by e-mail and announced during our first alumni event in October 2017.

Please note: You are only eligible to participate in the draw if you are a former participant of a project sponsored by the Future Forum and have answered all the questions of the questionnaire.
Personal Information
1. Participating in the Future Forum project
1.1 Why did you join the German-Israeli project supported by the Future Forum? (Multiple answers possible)
1.2 What was your function within the project?
1.3 Had you been to Israel/Germany before the project?
1.8 On a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being not beneficial at all and 5 being very beneficial, how beneficial was the project to you personally?
1.9 On a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being not beneficial at all and 5 being very beneficial, how beneficial was the project to you professionally?
2. Where are you now?
2.3 In your current professional position, are you involved in German-Israeli activities?
2.4 Is the organization you work for involved in German-Israeli activities?
2.5 Have you been to Israel/Germany since the end of the project?
2.6 Are you in contact with Israelis/Germans?
2.7 If yes, did you meet any of them through a Future Forum project?
2.8 Would you be interested to be active in German-Israeli cooperation in the future?
2.9 What fields of cooperation should an Israeli-German cooperation address to be interesting to you? (Multiple answers possible)
In 2017, the Future Forum is introducing three new areas of activity, on which we will focus our funding and project work. They are: Politics & Society, Innovation & Technology and Cultures & Communication.
2.10 Which of these areas is most interesting to you?
3. Alumni Network
The Future Forum is aiming to create an alumni network in order to give former project participants the opportunity to continue bilateral activities, learn more about Germany/Israel and engage in professional exchange on various topics.
3.2 What topics would you be interested to learn more about in bilateral meetings? (Multiple answers possible)
The Future Forum is envisioning annual alumni events, alternately in Israel and Germany, shaped by the ideas and inputs of the participants themselves. We would like to leverage on the expertise and experiences not only of outside experts but also of our alumni who will be offered a chance to work as facilitators and speakers at our events.
3.3 Would you be interested in participating in German-Israeli alumni events?
3.4 Would you be interested in playing an active part? (Multiple answers possible)