Area of Activity II: Innovation and Technology
Area of Activity II: Innovation and Technology
German-Israeli scientific cooperation paved the way for diplomatic relations between the two countries. Today, Germany and Israel are two of the leading states worldwide in the area of innovation and technology. At a time of global challenges such as climate change, population growth, and dwindling resources, we are dependent on innovations and new technologies. German-Israeli cooperation projects in the area of science and technological research have enjoyed success for years already and can bring about desperately needed innovation in the future.

Our “Innovation and Technology” area of activity funds German-Israeli projects which together develop ideas for implementation and techniques that contribute to sustainable thinking and actions. We are particularly happy to fund projects that deal with individual aspects of the following thematic areas:
  • digital society
  • the digital economy
  • Industry 4.0
  • smart cities
  • sustainability and the implementation of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • management of natural resources (energy, water)
  • protecting diversity
Projects we are currently funding within the “Innovation and Technology” area of activity
The Crane’s Journey. Intercultural Education for Sustainability between Israel and Germany
A migratory bird is both a metaphor for and the subject of a project that sees environmental and intercultural education as inseparable: over a two-year period, the participants develop strategies to protect the crane, a bird equally widespread and well-known in each of the two countries, and learn methods from the … Continue reading
Discovering Israeli-German Building Culture
The era of modernist construction is clearly reflected in the streetscapes of Berlin and Tel Aviv. The architectural history of the two cities has been linked for more than 80 years. Exploring this aspect of German-Israeli history thus offers an excellent opportunity to give young people insights into the culture of … Continue reading
Designing Tomorrow // Über Morgen
Where is the nation state headed in the era of digital society? With this question in mind, the participants of the project use the methods of science fiction to create concepts for society and future visions which they present at the re:publica and Utopia conferences in Berlin und Tel Aviv. … Continue reading
Formula ATID – Applied Technology Transfer Israel-Germany
What do carbon tire rims and German-Israeli exchange have in common? The project entails students working together in an interdisciplinary team to develop a carbon tire rim for a racing car and trying it out in an international competition. A fascination for racing and interculturalism come together in the process – … Continue reading