Network Meetings
Network Meetings
Digital Matchmaker Seminar (November 2020)

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we took our Matchmaker seminar online. So at the beginning of November, we had the pleasure of digitally meeting our 18 new Matchmakers, coming as usual from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

Since the program had to be shorten, we dedicated most of it to getting to know each other and starting to reveal the magical networking and matchmaking potentialities within the group, which includes Matchmakers whose main fields of expertise are Politics & Society (6), Innovation & Technology (4), Arts & Culture (4), Social Entrepreneurship (2), Environment & Sustainability (1) and Science (1).

It was a blast and left us all with a thirst to continue the conversation (already happening) and with the hope to be able to meet face to face in the not too distant future.

Want to know more about each of our new Matchmakers (or about our overall 55 current Matchmakers)? You’re more than welcome to join our Network! The new Matchmakers are also presented on our Facebook page, under the hashtag #meetourmatchmaker.
Previous Network Meetings
First Matchmaker Seminar in Israel (Ramat Gan, November 2019)
Our first Matchmaker seminar in Israel (and the second overall) took place at the end of November 2019.     Out of many wonderful applications that we received, we invited a selected group of social activists and professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines in the fields of education, social … Continue reading
First German-Israeli Matchmaker Seminar
The first twenty Matchmakers of the German-Israeli Future Network were qualified in a one-day seminar that took place in Berlin in mid-June 2019. The group was selected out of many great applications that we received, and consisted of Israelis and Germans from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Our Matchmakers … Continue reading
Launching the German-Israeli Future Network
The launching event of the German-Israeli Future Network, titled “SustainAbility!”, marked the 70th independence day of Israel and took place at Kibbutz Shefayim in May 2018. The conference addressed German and Israeli shared civil society challenges. 70 activists, stakeholders and social entrepreneurs were … Continue reading