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You can only apply for funding for a project development meeting (Future Lab) online.

We provide support to project development meetings up to a maximum of 2000 Euro. It is possible to apply for financial support for travel costs and accommodation as well as for material costs that arise as part of the meeting.

Information on Submitting a Proposal
The following criteria must be fulfilled for a successful application:
  • You have an idea for a project that fits to our areas of activity. Under the “Areas of Activity” menu, you will find a short description of each area of activity together with thematic suggestions and information about the projects currently receiving funding in each of the three categories
  • there is a program for the project development meeting
  • support from a German and/or Israeli organization
  • 4-6 participants aged 18-45
  • the participants are from Germany and Israel
Information on Filling out the Form
Please follow the questions when filling out the form and make sure to fill out the obligatory fields marked with an *, otherwise the form cannot be submitted. Please note that you cannot save what you’ve entered into the form before submitting it.

By clicking on the “Submit Funding Proposal Form” button you are sending us your online proposal. You will then receive confirmation that we’ve received it at the email address you entered in the form.
Contact Information (* = obligatory field)
The project idea should be supported by a German and/or an Israeli organization.
Contact Person
2. Formal Questions about the Project Idea
  ,00 EUR
  ,00 EUR
3. Thematic Categorization