Online Form for Project Funding

This online form makes up the first part of our two-step procedure for project funding. You can only apply for funding from us online.
Please note that enquiries about language courses can be made without the need for a formal application by simply sending a mail to our offices. Please do not use the online form for this purpose.

Information on Submitting a Proposal
Please read our funding criteria carefully. A successful proposal must fulfil all the named criteria.

Information on Thematic Categorization
The Foundation funds projects within three areas of activity: Politics and Society, Technology and Innovation, and Cultures and Communication. Under the “Areas of Activity” menu item, you will find a short description of each area of activity with thematic suggestions and information about the projects currently receiving funding within the three areas. Please explain why your project makes an important contribution to the future of German-Israeli relations within the respective area of activity.

In addition, the Foundation’s Future Lab program seeks to give young executives and professionals who already have an initial idea for a project the opportunity to organize a meeting in Germany or Israel for the purposes of project development.

Information on the Level of Funding
More information on the level of funding that can be allocated and costs which our funding can cover can be found under the “Project Funding” menu item.

Information on Filling Out the Form
Please follow the questions when filling out the form and make sure to fill out the obligatory fields marked with an *, otherwise the form cannot be submitted. Please note that you cannot save what you’ve entered into the form before submitting it. 

By clicking on the “Submit Funding Proposal Form” button you are sending us your online proposal. You will then receive confirmation that we’ve received it at the email address you entered in the form.
Contact Information (* = obligatory field)
The collaboration within the project must take place between at least one German and at least one Israeli organization. Only one of the two organizations actually submits the project proposal and is responsible for the formal implementation of the project.
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2. Formal Questions about the Project
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3. Thematic Categorization
*How would you categorize your project?: