Project Funding Criteria
Project Funding Criteria
Your project must be a thematic fit for one of our areas of activity and fulfill the following three criteria:

1. Bilateralism
  • The project is to be developed and implemented in dialogue between at least one Israeli and one German organization.
  • Both organizations must be based in Germany and Israel respectively, be legal entities according to private or public law, and be able to ensure appropriate management capabilities and that the funding allocated has been used as intended for non-profit purposes.
  • The program is carried out in equal parts in Germany and Israel as far as possible.
2. Target Group Orientation
  • The project is primarily carried out by professionals and executives from Germany and Israel aged between 18 and 45.
  • Diversity and gender equality are reflected in the composition of the participants.
  • The participants are multipliers from as wide a range of different areas as possible.
3. Result Orientation
  • The project leads to a specific result.
  • The result can be of use once the project is finished.
Exclusion Criteria
We are unfortunately unable to support projects in certain cases. These include:
  • projects whose entire funding is not secured
  • projects that have already begun
  • projects with a commercial or tourism-related background
  • construction measures
  • institutional funding