Completed Projects since 2017

Innovative Design Technologies for Social Change

Across the entire world, space for civil society activities is getting smaller. For NGOs to have their voices heard – among young people in particular – they must draw on innovation and make use of social media and digital platforms if they want to advance social change. The collaborating partners have developed a … Continue reading
German and Israeli Perspectives on Public Presence
Public space is not a neutral place. Art works, memorials, installations, and buildings are all marked by the culture, history, and narratives of those who created them. What does that mean for areas characterized by the social, cultural, and ethnic diversity of their residents? How is public space shared and which … Continue reading
Discovering Israeli-German Building Culture
The era of modernist construction is clearly reflected in the streetscapes of Berlin and Tel Aviv. The architectural history of the two cities has been linked for more than 80 years. Exploring this aspect of German-Israeli history thus offers an excellent opportunity to give young people insights into the culture of … Continue reading
Queer in Israel – Alternative Families and Ways of Life
The annual Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv has long since become an international event, which enjoys popularity even beyond the borders of Israel itself. Yet behind the colorful images lies a socio-political revolution: the continuing advances in legal equality for homosexual people, which doesn’t just make Israel into … Continue reading
The Crane’s Journey. Intercultural Education for Sustainability between Israel and Germany
A migratory bird is both a metaphor for and the subject of a project that sees environmental and intercultural education as inseparable: over a two-year period, the participants develop strategies to protect the crane, a bird equally widespread and well-known in each of the two countries, and learn methods from the … Continue reading
Inclusion and Exclusion in Youth Work and Social Systems
Modern society in Germany and Israel is heterogeneous and diverse. In youth and social work in particular, this diversity raises the question how all members of society can be taken into account and included in an appreciative manner. This is the question that the participants of this exchange program in Lower Saxony … Continue reading
Caravan Orchestra – A Transnational Journey of Musical and Cultural Discovery
When musicians from different cultures come together, they release a creative potential that opens up new horizons and inspires artistic innovation alike. In this project, the participants work together on a concert program, which reflects their diverse musical roots – and at the same time gives them the opportunity … Continue reading
Participatory Strategies for Diverse Neighborhoods – Lod and Neukölln
Living together in diversity begins right in one’s own neighborhood. That’s why it’s here that a German-Israeli culture and community project is getting started, in the everyday life of two city districts characterized by considerable diversity, serving to bring together people from very different backgrounds and … Continue reading
Migration Societies under Stress – Germany and Israel
The thematic fields of migration and security are becoming ever more intertwined – both within the public discourse and at a political level. This interdisciplinary academic exchange program explores the question of what is the potential offered by immigration and integration within both societies and what security … Continue reading
German—Israeli Exchange for Young People Engaged in Sport
People do sport all over the world – and find a space to come together and exchange thoughts and ideas in doing so. Sporting get-togethers thus play an important role in international exchange projects, which can equally be seen in the German-Israeli context. With this in mind, the Deutsche Sportjugend and Maccabi … Continue reading
International Child Protection – Understanding, Connecting, Improving Together
Children are the future. How are their rights seen in Germany and Israel and what role does child protection play in the two countries? What resources are available to the youngest in society and what dangers do they face? The project participants explore these questions and professionalize their experience in the … Continue reading
Formula ATID – Applied Technology Transfer Israel-Germany
What do carbon tire rims and German-Israeli exchange have in common? The project entails students working together in an interdisciplinary team to develop a carbon tire rim for a racing car and trying it out in an international competition. A fascination for racing and interculturalism come together in the process – … Continue reading
Feminist Film Screenings
Images of women as frequently depicted in the media, public sphere, and culture do not or only partially reflect the actual experiences of women. This film project takes this idea as its starting point and counters the standard ideas of female lives and gender roles with the wide-ranging views of feminist filmmakers. … Continue reading
Out of Place
Finding your place in society (or not): what does that mean for people “out of place”? Young filmmakers pose the question of what identity means in Germany and Israel and create portraits of people who are on the outside or face exclusion due to their gender, religion or social status. … Continue reading
Out of the Box // Pionier – A German-Israeli Theater Interaction
A team of theatre-makers set out on an intercultural expedition: the focus is on the notion of the pioneer in Germany and Israel, on historical experiences and those made in the present, on social utopias and the everyday. Both the participants and their audiences end up reaching virgin territory along the way. … Continue reading
Exchange Program for German and Israeli Professionals on Religiously Motivated Extremism
Religiously motivated extremism and its effects are a challenge to societies worldwide. How can one meet the spiral of ideology and violence head on at a civil society level and what skills and networks are necessary to do so? A bilateral professional exchange program seeks to create a framework for developing … Continue reading
Designing Tomorrow // Über Morgen
Where is the nation state headed in the era of digital society? With this question in mind, the participants of the project use the methods of science fiction to create concepts for society and future visions which they present at the re:publica and Utopia conferences in Berlin und Tel Aviv. … Continue reading