Areas of Activity I: Politics and Society
Areas of Activity I: Politics and Society

The democracies of Germany and Israel are facing different challenges today, though also some that are similar and still others that are global.

In this area of activity, we fund German-Israeli projects designed to bring people together to work on opportunities to shape democracy and approaches to overcoming current political and social challenges. We are particularly happy to support projects that strengthen democratic civil-society structures, actively contribute to social cohesion and address specific aspects of the following topic areas:

  • challenges for democracies and democratic structures
  • demographic developments
  • the role of religion(s) in our societies
  • migration, refugee and immigration policy
  • human rights protection
Projects we are funding within the “Politics and Society” area of activity
Media Challenges in the Digital Era in Germany and Israel
The health of our democracies has come under attack. The project will bring together Israeli and German students to discuss current challenges facing democracies and to develop strategies and propose solutions to defend media and democracy in Israel and Germany. The participants will learn how to promote solutions … Continue reading
Entrepreneurship Education in Social Hotspots
Today, there is more demand than ever before for entrepreneurial thinking, including in areas outside the commercial sector. However, to date, the need for such thinking has hardly been acknowledged at all in the education sector. As a result, the ability to think and act in an entrepreneurial way is not included in … Continue reading
Negotiation matters. A Poster Exhibition
Wars and conflicts have left a profound impression in the consciousness of society– they are perceived as having shaped human history. But what about the negotiations and treaties that were able to resolve such conflicts? These play a less significant role in how many people see history, although there are numerous … Continue reading
Intersex Care Awareness
Intersexual people are individuals whose sexual characteristics at birth cannot be clearly identified as either male or female. The complexity of the genetic, hormonal, and anatomic factors that play a role here and the still-common practice of “assigning” a sex to those affected generates many conflicts and … Continue reading
Professional Exchange on Diversity, Gender, Democracy and Extremism
This project brings together experts in order to exchange knowledge regarding the lives and realities of young people, the professional organization of youth work, and the focus of youth policy in Israel and Germany. … Continue reading