G17 For Inclusion (2022)
Our new networking program (2022), G17 for Inclusion (in light of the UN’s 17th Sustainable Development Goal, “Partnerships for the Goals”), creates a network of German and Israeli organizations which work with and for people with disabilities.

The program aims to recognize challenges that both countries are facing, and enable the participants to learn from each other as well as to identify unique strengths and develop future collaborations and new perspectives around them.

5 German-Israeli “Matches”

The first phase of the program was “matching” 5 different organizations in Germany (with focus on the south of Germany, as part of a collaboration with the Israeli General Consulate in Munich) with organizations in Israel that work towards similar goals.

Each match focuses on a different field of activity within the framework of inclusion:


LAG Selbsthilfe von Menschen mit Behinderungen und chronischen Erkrankungen RLP e.V. in Rheinland-Pfalz was matched with Israel Unlimited.


Behinderten- und Rehabilitations-Sportverband (BVS) Bayern e.V. in Bayern was matched with Etgarim.

Independent Living:

Der Saarländische Schwesternverband e.V in Saarland was matched with Gvanim.


Hotel Restaurant Anne-Sophie in Baden-Württemberg was matched with “Equal Employment” & Fattal hotels.


FATRA e.V. in Hessen was matched with Assaf.  

The course of the program

G17 for Inclusion
included a series of digital meetings, a visit of the German organizations in Israel in May 2022 and a visit of the Israeli organizations in Germany in June 2022. Following the visits the participating organizations presented their learnings from the process they have been through together, as well as their vision and strategy for developing the collaboration further in a fruitful way.

The G17 for Inclusion program is a collboaration of: