Call for Applications

You can no longer apply for the Sylke-Tempel-Fellowship 2019. The call for applications for the 2020 fellowships will be published here in the end of 2019.

The Sylke-Tempel-Fellowship 2020 will focus on Germany, Israel and the USA. Our cooperation partners are the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the European Leadership Network (ELNET), the political magazine IP and Women in International Security (WIIS). More info soon. 

Our 2019 fellows are:

Sergii Gurbych: „Russian-speaking writers in Germany and Israel: Reflecting and Shaping a Socio-Cultural Environment”

Rebekka Hahn: “Belonging and Self – A biographical study among second-generation female ethnic Germans from the former Soviel Union”

Dr. Yuriy Nesterko: “The impact of ethnic and/or cultural affiliations as well as religiosity on mental health outcomes in Jewish immigrants from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) in Germany and Israel”
Jonna Rock:
Negotiating Germanness, Jewishness and Russianness in an era of changing social boundaries: A study of identity formation amongst Russlanddeutsche, Russian Jews and ethnic Russians in Berlin

Liza Rozovsky: “Immigration 2.0: What brings young Russian speaking Israelis to Berlin?”