Kadima - Kehila, Dialogue, Meoravut/Manhigut, Ha'atzama

Kadima and Kehila – these two Hebrew words mean “forward” and “community” respectively. For a project that addresses primarily young multipliers in the LGBT community, these two words stand also for a commitment toward a self-defined and collectively shaped future. For the 13 participants from Germany and Israel, this means learning with and from each other in joint seminars, workshops, excursions, and discussions. This learning process for these future leaders involves thinking about leadership strategies and identity both in theory and in praxis. Planned activities such as meetings with political activists, opportunities to job shadow, and participating at a summer camp with LGBT delegations from all over Europe provide these young adults with the possibility to contribute actively, to influence one’s own networks, and to establish new connections.

The project “Kadima” offers 13 participants from Germany and Israel the opportunity for intensive LGBT – community work in the period from April 1 to September 30, 2011. The project was initiated by the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance in cooperation with the youth network Lambda and Action Reconciliation Service for Peace. The program consists of the preparatory work in Jerusalem, a stay in Berlin, and participation in a summer camp in the Federal State of Thuringia, Germany.