An Encounter and Concert of Composition Students

at Conservatories in Tel Aviv and Stuttgart (2011)

The program’s objective is to give composition students from Tel Aviv and Stuttgart the opportunity to present their work and ideas not only in a performance but also in workshops and discussions. The performance will be produced by the “Studio für Neue Musik” in the Conservatory in Stuttgart’s in January 2011. We offer open seminar for all students that includes instrumental classes and musicology. This is an extra-curricular course in which the students will have the opportunity to explain their pieces and composition techniques.

Music composition, like other fields of knowledge, is diverse and influenced by aesthetic trends. The students’ personal attitudes and decisions are confronted with the diversity in the process of composing. The goal is to have the students open up to other musical and artistic ideas that are shaped by rich and varied cultural influences.

There are few opportunities for good performances of contemporary music in Israel, particularly for young and up and coming composers. The situation in Germany and in Europe is generally more favorable. In this way, the Israeli students can benefit from the experience in new music of their German counterparts.

It is becoming obvious however that opportunities for workshops for performing contemporary music as well as the compositions of students in the Tel Aviv conservatory are growing and are proving successful. Therefore, the project will be complete next year with a visit from the Stuttgart students to Israel in order to perform and share in discussions with the Israeli participants.

Georg Wötzer from Stuttgart’s Conservatory and Ruben Seroussi from the Tel Aviv Conservatory as well as other faculty members from both institutions will lead the meetings, discussions, and student oral presentations. Six guest composition students from Tel Aviv and the entire composition department from Stuttgart will participate.