Areas of Activity I: Politics and Society

Out of Place


20 young filmmakers

Project Content
How can integration succeed in modern, pluralist societies? – This is the central question that forms the subject of the project’s ten short films. OUT OF PLACE seeks to give an account of this idea in moving images in both senses of the phrase, conveying how broad the social spectrum is or at least can be outside of social, cultural, gender, and other norms. Developing a cinematic vision is one aspect of the project here, while another is the accompanying engagement with identity conflicts before the backdrop of such current social challenges as migration, ethnic and religious tensions, and gender inequality.

Project Working Methods
The participants form ten bilateral teams, each of whom produce a seven- to ten-minute documentary. They are supported in the process by mentors from the field. While the development phase and a visit to the partner festival Docaviv take place in Israel at the start of the project, the editing and post-production are carried out in Germany.

Project Goals
The goal of the project is to put together a feature-length documentary from the ten short films which will contribute to important discussions about validation and integration at German and Israeli film festivals. In addition, the project strengthens both the participants’ understanding of themselves as political filmmakers and the networks formed between them.

Collaborating Partners
One Two Films GmbH in Berlin
Gesher Multicultural Film Fund in Israel