Area of Activity III: Cultures and Communication
Area of Activity III: Cultures and Communication

Vocational Rehabilitation - Intercultural Exchange

Social inclusion of all people is one of the main challenges in the modern world, which has much significance both in Israel and in Germany. Vocational solutions that enable people with mental disabilities to participate in the labor market have immense positive effects both on these people themselves as well as the societies that integrate them and thus earn a contributing member.

14 service users and staff members from vocational rehabilitation organizations

Project Content
What theoretical and practical peer support models are being used to help people with mental disabilities integrate in the labor market? What innovative approaches are there in this field? How can services for people with mental disabilities be improved? And how can they themselves make a difference to their service provider's system and take part in decision making processes? These questions and many more are addressed throughout the intercultural exchange program by service users with mental disabilities and the staff from two organizations – one from Israel and the other from Germany.

Project Working Methods
The project facilitates a mutual exchange of professionals and service users during which the participants will experience the partner organization’s approach, suggest improvements and identify practices that are relevant to both cultures and societies.

During the visit, the project participants get to know some new inspiring vocational rehabilitation fields and practices, participate in educational lessons and workshops, and hear inspirational success stories in order to bring about new ideas for the improvement of their own organizations.

Project Goals
It is the goal of the project to improve the participation of people with mental disabilities in the decision-making processes of the social organization that work for them in order to adjust services to their needs. The project aims to empower people with disabilities, strengthen their self-esteem and give them the opportunity to take their futures into their own hands.

To this end, both organizations jointly asses their vast experiences in order to create best-practices. Through this project, the two organizations promote the involvement of people with mental disabilities and encourage them to become more proactive and independent in the execution of their personal recovery plan.

Cooperating Partners
Shekulo Tov
gpe, Gesellschaft für psychosoziale Einrichtungen