Girls’ Soccer Project: Hadass plays with Stella

The project brings together 32 girls from diverse backgrounds aged 8 to 14 years from Israel and Halberstadt, Germany.
The girls play soccer together every morning for 2 hours. In the afternoon there will be a range of different activities, e.g., a city tour of Halberstadt including a tour of the city’s Jewish sites, a visit to the zoo, artistic activities and more. The girls will spend the entire time together in a youth hostel where they will have breakfast. Lunch and supper will be served in ‘Kaffee Hirsch,’ a café in Halberstadt that also offers kosher food.

The project is coordinated by the Flick Foundation against Xenophobia, Racism and Intolerance, together with the local soccer club, VfB Germania Halberstadt, the Moses Mendelssohn Academy, Halberstadt. This is the fifth consecutive project initiated by the Flick Foundation.

The objective of the project is to bring together girls with a different ethnic and religious background to teach them to deal with conflicts in a constructive way, to build friendships amongst them, and to develop a feeling of belonging together. On the field and off, they are urged to abide by fair play.

The four girls’ camp thus far have shown that the girls do come together as a team, prejudices are broken down, and many of the girls developed long lasting friendships.