The German-Israeli Future Forum provides funding and support for people from Israel and Germany working together in bilateral projects which tackle the challenges arising in both societies whilst also dealing with German-Israeli relations. We thus make a contribution to shaping these relations in a responsible manner both now and in the future.

Today, Germany and Israel respectively face an array of social, political, and cultural challenges. Additionally, there are shared challenges that link both countries. What are young professionals and students talking about? What moves them to discuss? What issues are they working through? These young adults are the very people who will bring a renewed impetus to fostering future relations between both countries. By funding bilateral projects, we make it possible for this target group to have the space and resources to work together creatively to tackle current issues in today’s society. The guiding approach to our work is talking with each other and not about each other. We encourage lines of communication that go beyond the standard clichés and well-traveled paths. The Foundation enables existing networks to grow and new contacts to be made. This is the basis of a common future in German-Israeli relations. We’d like to be a part of shaping that future. In this way, we support you in your endeavor.

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