Policy Lab „Change Makers – Climate and Security”
The one-year project, which is designed in cooperation with the Foundation EVZ, is dedicated to the connections between climate change and security, considering that the consequences of climate change harbor a great potential for conflict on the most diverse levels. 
The two Policy Lab youth encounters taking place in august and october 2023 will allow young people from Germany and Israel to gain international experience, acquire intercultural skills, learn to value diversity, discuss climate change problems and solutions together, and design their own microprojects. The joint work is also intended to strengthen German-Israeli understanding, prevent anti-Semitism and racism, and develop courses of action
However, the Policy Lab will not only be a project for young people, but above all by young people. Their opinions on climate and security as well as their ideas and wishes for the project were the focus for us. Therefore, in a co-creation process, we involved 3-4 people each from Germany and Israel as Young Experts in the conceptual project planning. Together with two local partner organizations, which are mainly responsible for the operational part of the upcoming youth encounters, this process will be continued.