Program (USA)
Program (USA)
Israel and Germany in the Year of the US Presidential Election: National Narratives, Identities and Foreign Policy
Online-Conference on November 19, 2020
The 2020 US presidential election put several American, German, and Israeli socio-political questions into focus. These questions will continue to shape the countries domestically and their relationship to each other long after the election. What political self-conceptualization underlies our societies? How are marginalized groups included in political processes? How do minority groups relate to each other? How are identities of families with migration background formed? What influence does the Jewish Diaspora have upon Israeli foreign policy?

We would like to discuss these and other issues with you on November 19, 2020.
Our guests include:
Sigmar Gabriel, Shimon Stein, Sudha David-Wilp, Dr. Ulrike Franke, Dr. Nicola Albrecht, Ruthi Ofek, Kerstin Müller, Özgür Özvatan, Rachel Tausendfreund, Ralf Fücks, Rachel de Boor, Ahmad Mansour, Raphael Ahren, Nadav Tamir, Adar Primor and Eric Adamson.

You can find the conference program here

Essays of the Sylke Tempel Fellows, Internationale Politik, Issue #2/2020 - November 2020

You can download the magazine here.

Please find the podcast episode, produced by Beyza Arslan as part of the program, here.