Sylke Tempel Fellowship
Sylke Tempel Fellowship

"Analytical acumen combined with great warmth and affection"

Shimon Stein, Der Tagesspiegel 6.10.2017

In memory of Dr. Sylke Tempel (1963-2017), the Board of  Trustees of the German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation established the Sylke Tempel Fellowship program. It takes place annually and is organized in collaboration with partner organizations.

In the framework of the program, the Future Forum awards research fellowships to young experts exploring foreign policy and socio-political issues with relevance in Israel and Germany. The program is geared especially towards young journalists, authors, podcasters and other media creatives at the beginning of their professional careers. The research results are discussed in closed expert forums, introduced to the public at conferences and published.  

Sylke Tempel

As a board member, Dr. Sylke Tempel advised the work of our foundation with wisdom and great commitment. She was an extraordinary voice in German foreign policy, a Middle East correspondent, editor for the “Jüdische Allgemeine”, lecturer at Stanford University, as well as author and editor-in-chief of the journal “Internationale Politik” published by the German Council on Foreign Relations.

We miss Sylke Tempel, her cleverness, her sense for justice, her puns, her ability to look forward with positivity and commitment, her laughter. The gap she left will remain.

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