People to People Playground Festival (2021)

2 Weeks, 14 German-Israeli Creative Adventures

From April 23 until May 7

Long run and large scale planning are not so easy these days. This is why the German-Israeli Future Forum set up mini-grants for digital formats, which allow cooperation partners from Germany and Israel to experiment with each other and implement creative ideas.

These German-Israeli Creative Adventures, which address all the senses in a playful way, were presented as part of a digital festival, the "People to People Playground". We were invited to dance, to marvel at the starry skies over Israel and Germany, to enjoy a joint cooking experience as well as collaborative acting workshops. We participated in a soccer happening, were a fly on the wall on a first date and went out exploring with an audio guide. These are just a few examples of the festival’s diverse program - the full Playground-program can be found here.

The festival took place from April 23 to May 7 on the Facebook page of the Future Forum (#DIZFfestival) and other digital platforms.