Area of Activity II: Innovation and Technology

The Crane’s Journey. Intercultural Education for Sustainability between Israel and Germany

20 professional and volunteer environmental educators

Project Content
Which approaches in environmental education offer prospects for success in Germany and Israel? This is the central question the project participants explore by studying methods from the area of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Taking the crane as an example, they work together to examine which ecological, social, cultural, and economic contexts have to be taken into consideration for effective environmental education and look for ways to generate enthusiasm for environmental protection.

Project Working Methods
In addition to holding joint workshops in Germany and Israel, the participants communicate via an online platform, carry out extended periods of work at the respective partner organization and work together in German-Israeli tandems.

Project Goals
The project aims to develop educational materials that can be used by the participants in schools and workshops in both countries. Methods and solutions relating to ESD are to be developed to this end. At the same time, a greater awareness of global contexts in environmental protection will be created.
Collaborating Partners
Naturschutzjugend im NABU (NAJU) e.V. in Germany
Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI)