Project Funding

We employ a multi-stage procedure for project funding applications: Filling in the online inquiry form is the first step. If your project meets our funding criteria and attracts our interest, we will invite you to submit a funding application in the second stage of the procedure.

Stage 1: Inquiry
We accept only inquiries submitted using our online form.
Please submit your funding inquiry via the online form, completely filled in, within one of the periods specified below.

When to submit your inquiry
We accept funding inquiries for three application cycles each year, but only during the two-month period at the start of each cycle. The online inquiry form cannot be filled in or submitted at any other time.

January 1 – 28/29 February
(for projects that start from June 1)

April 1 – May 31
(for projects within our thematic call for proposals that start from September 1)

October 1 – November 30
(for projects that start from April 1 the following year)

Step 2: Application

If the project you describe on the inquiry form, meets our funding criteria, we will invite you to submit a detailed funding application and provide you with the requisite form. Your completed form will help us decide which projects to fund.

Funding amounts

We do not specify a total funding amount in advance. The proposal budget must reflect project content. Costs for events and carrying out the bilateral project are eligible for funding. This includes non-personnel costs, such as travel and transport costs, expenditures for food and lodging of participants, fees for services, organisational expenses or expenses for materials/equipment.

Notes on filling out the form
Please follow the questions  and make sure to fill out the obligatory fields marked with an *, otherwise the form cannot be submitted. Please note that you cannot save what you’ve entered into the form before submitting it.

By clicking on the “Submit Funding Proposal Form” button you are sending us your online proposal. You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you submitted in the form.
Contact Information (* = obligatory field)
The collaboration within the project must take place between at least one German and at least one Israeli organization. Only one of the two organizations actually submits the project proposal and is responsible for the formal implementation of the project.
Contact Person
2. Formal Questions about the Project
  ,00 EUR
  ,00 EUR
3. Thematic Categorization
*Which of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals applies to your project? (max. 4 choices possible):
UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)