X-Change for Competence

“X-Change for Competence” – the name says it all. Three different groups over three years with ten Israeli and ten German young leaders and professionals each year from the third sector participating. Over twelve months they develop together a foundation to assume an important role in changing and shaping future processes. Personal strengths are emphasized just as much as competence in areas such as (intercultural) political educational work, networking, and governance. The goal is clear: The participants develop a vision to enhance future cooperation between political institutions, civil society, education, culture, and the economy. And in doing so they acquire the necessary tools to implement changes as multipliers in their respective institutions and organizations.

At the societal level “X-Change for Competence” offers unique possibilities for development. Out of this meeting of young professionals from Germany and Israel, with their diverse experiences and backgrounds, emerges a variety of answers to similar and current problems and questions in both countries. In this way, new perspectives and forms of cooperation arise as well as new networks between participants and their respective job environments. All, of course, a necessary foundation for future bilateral cooperation not only between the persons involved but also between Germany and Israel. “X-Change for Competence” is a platform that prepares for this challenge with the possibility to reflect on one’s own motivations and values as well as offering the space to improve leadership qualities and conceptual capacities. Methods and procedures of activity-based learning, case studies, and the 360°-feedback method in addition to peer and group coaching provide support for the participants along the way – in the same way as the analysis of particular organizational structures and contexts with which the participants are working. The program is not only then a realm of experience for individuals, but allows for the existence of a laboratory to shape societal change. A chance for a future professional dialogue between the public, private, and third sector – and between Germany and Israel.


The three-year program “X-Change for Competence” runs from 2011 to 2013 in cooperation with the Bertelsmann Foundation and is academically supervised by the University of Kassel. Each year ten German and Israeli participants respectively coming from a particular thematic area (2011: Education; 2012: Diversity; 2013: Social Justice) are invited to several modules in Israel and Germany. Program participation also presupposes active work between the four meetings. The language of the program is English. Participants are, for the most part, invited by the organizers to apply. However, unsolicited applications are also possible.