Abissalle Glick – ARENA Coproduction 2010 with Tadam Company

For 19 years now ARENA, together with a group of artists, has staged the ARENA co-production. Over a one-year period a new production is being developed with the participation of Erlangen students that will premier at the next festival. The artistic realization is mainly in the hands of the artists, while ARENA as the producer is responsible for carrying out all the tasks related to the production.
The participating students have an opportunity to work on an international project at the professional level, while the participating artists have the chance to experience the give and take of international exposure and carry out a project not related to the established theater business.
The future has a reverse side to it. Somewhere, people say, there are many elderly people who are actually just waiting. Whoever prefers the pencil to the keyboard or conversation to the virtual chat becomes, day after day, a remnant of the past. But there still are stories and perhaps they can be told. Perhaps that is all that is left after decades filled with experiences and contradictions: stories and anecdotes, continually repolished, on the brink of triviality. So often repeated in one’s head that all the sharp edges have disappeared. We need fantasy in order to imagine what lies beneath.

The ARENA co-production 2010 with Tadam Company will cover a wide range of cultural themes between Erlangen and Tel Aviv during a five-hour dance installation. With 16 participants in total, one of the largest co-productions in ARENA’s history, [abissalle glick] follows the traces of remembered change, fragments of stories assimilated long ago and of life passing on. The installation will be accompanied by an experimental live soundtrack by James Alaska and Tristan Shorr.

Direction & Choreography: Noa Zamir (IL).
Performance: Ofir Gez (IL), Sebastian Häupler (D), Leslie Henfrey-Smith (UK), Davidi Hoffman (IL), Andreas Kohlmaier (D), Jutta Körner (D), Yasmin Rotkopf (IL), Tessa Theisen (D), Anne-GaÎlle Thiriot (F), Michael “Easy” Wieserner (D).
Soundtrack: Tristan Shorr (UK), James Alaska (UK).
Organization: Lukas Wilde (D), Arne Schirmel (D), Elena Höpfner (D)