Area of Activity III: Cultures and Communication

Out of the Box // Pionier – A German-Israeli Theater Interaction

Staff of the institutions involved

Content of the Project
Using theatrical means to look for the traces of the pioneer spirit in Germany and Israel – that’s the goal the participants have set themselves. The focus is on both historical experience and the present, on failures and new beginnings. What used to be a passage into the unknown is now a search for new approaches to problem solving, relating, for example, to the question of how people can live together today. In the process, everything revolves around one key question: what separates and what connects all the attempts that have been made to enter new territory both now and in the past?

Project Working Methods
To begin with, the project team works on concepts for intercultural and interactive theatre. Artist-in-residence phases in both countries are followed by performances at different locations. The project is not just restricted to stages and auditoria though - it sets out with a mobile theater bus that is headed directly for the people on the ground. At the performances in Israel and Germany, anyone can playfully explore new horizons for the duration of one of the shows and then apply what they have experienced in their own everyday lives and individual surroundings. 

Project Goals
The aim of the project is to create theatrical islands in urban space, where audiences and theatre-makers will awaken the pioneer spirit together and think up alternative approaches to life.
Collaborating Partners
Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig
Mediatheque Theatre in Holon
TARBUT in Afula
AlHaBama City Theatre in Herzliya
Kibbutz Givat Brenner