Areas of Activity I: Politics and Society

Professional Exchange on Diversity, Gender, Democracy and Extremism

This project brings together experts in order to exchange knowledge regarding the lives and realities of young people, the professional organization of youth work, and the focus of youth policy in Israel and Germany.

16 social work students from Israel
14 youth work professionals from NGOs in Saxony

Project Content
The participants in this project are involved in youth work organizations in a professional or voluntary capacity, focusing on gender issues, teaching democracy, and preventing extremism. Two exchange trips to Saxony and southern Israel are to provide insights into local practice and present a wide range of different approaches and strategies relating to youth and social work. The focus is on themes such as youth homelessness, preventing extremism, youth violence, encouraging the (political) participation of young people and boosting democratic skills, social diversity, as well as dealing with gaps in educational biographies.  

Project Working Methods
The exchange program is intended to include presentations, discussions, conversations with politicians, professional working phases, and visits to local NGOs in order to link theory and practice. The content will be built around the interests of and the challenges faced by the project participants in a participatory fashion and implemented with a view to concrete action, with importance being given here to daily reflection on the material covered. German-Israeli teams will also document the program in word and image.

Project Goals
The project aims to offer further specialist training on the one hand and imparting knowledge of the other country to the participating multipliers on the other. In addition, the organizations and universities involved seek to create structures for further exchange projects.
Cooperating Partners 
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jugendfreizeitstätten Sachsen e.V.   
Sapir Academic College