Berlin Meets Haifa Plus

Critical Social Work and Pedagogy constitute the core of the joint project “Berlin Meets Haifa Plus.” Key words like “Guilt,” “Responsibility,” “Exclusion,” as well as “Justice,” “Migration,” and “Discrimination” are significant when thirty students from Germany and Israel examine together the impact official politics on remembrance and commemoration have on the individual and the society. They also consider the influence migration processes have on such developments. Professors from both universities accompany the heterogeneous group during seminars and meetings, for which the objectives are set high. Alongside the bilateral networking of critical social work, the goal is to establish the grounds for an educational research project on the consequences of historical violence. This aspect emphasizes the sustainability of the project just as much as the discussions on the difficulties and opportunities of such longstanding exchange programs.

”Berlin Meets Haifa Plus” is a project of the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin in cooperation with University of Haifa. It takes place from June to September 2011. Together, 27 students and two trained moderators from each country as well as one professor from each participating school meet in Haifa and Berlin. Preparatory and follow-up seminars are included as part of the project.