People to People Playground (2021)
People to People Playground (2021)

You can no longer apply with a creative adventure for the People to People Playground Festival 2021. The festival took place from April 23 to May 7.  More about it here.

People to People Playground, Micro-Funding for German-Israeli Creative Adventures

Long run and large scale planning are not so easy these days. This is why we, the German-Israeli Future Forum, offer you short-term micro-funding grants (up to 1000 Euro) to digitally realize creative ideas and experiment with new formats with your peers in Germany/Israel. 

What are we looking for?                                                                                     

Fun, interesting, refreshing and experimental ideas of young professionals (mostly 18-45) from all fields of activity, which can be implemented with up to a 1000 Euro grant and published/take place between April 19th and May 10th 2021.

What’s the format?                                                           

The format is quite open, as long as it’s accessible to the public. It could be an online event, a video, a podcast, an online live show etc.

What is a must (aka criteria)?                     

  • At least one person in Germany and one person in Israel.
  • Your creative adventure should be accessible to the public.
  • Your creative adventure must be a “standalone” for the People to People Playground and framed as such. This means you can’t use the funding for a larger project with other funds, nor can you just give us credit for the funding and frame the creative adventure in a different way other than as a winner/participant of the Future Forum’s People to People Playground.

How to apply?

  • Most importantly: You and your partner/s must be members of our digital network, so if you haven’t done so already, join us right away!
  • You need to fill out the application form (accessible once you’re a member of our digital network), including a short video (up to 90 seconds) which introduces yourself, your partner/s and the idea. Important: professional-quality video is absolutely not required! All you need is your smartphone.