The Comic-Guide Berlin – Tel Aviv

The team that is in charge of the production of the guide is a comic collective – a group of comic artists, graphic designers and editors from Berlin and Tel Aviv. This bicultural group will spend one week in each city participating in two intensive workshops. The workshops will give the artists the possibility to explore the cities, collect material, and display first drafts –and all of this with an emphasis on intercultural exchange. The workshops will also include a comic salon, which is a platform for interviews with well known figures identified with the two cities. The final product will be exhibited in a ride in the comic bus. This “sightseeing bus” will drive through the city as a “moving library” presenting the guide in the presence of the media. Well-known people accompany this special bus ride and will show the bus’ passengers their favorite places in the city.

Project management
Märchenland – German Center for Fairy Tales Culture – conceives and realizes various projects in the fields of art, culture and literature. With a production of 1, 500 cultural events yearly (among others – the “Berliner Märchentage”), Märchenland’s goal is to contribute to the understanding among cultures and the development of cultural education of all age groups.