Area of Activity II: Innovation and Technology

Innovative Design Technologies for Social Change

Across the entire world, space for civil society activities is getting smaller. For NGOs to have their voices heard – among young people in particular – they must draw on innovation and make use of social media and digital platforms if they want to advance social change. The collaborating partners have developed a model to this end that brings together designers and civil society organizations to work jointly on developing successful campaigns.

12 graphic designers
Representatives of local NGOs

Project Content

The project involves German and Israeli graphic designers getting together to exchange skills and create effective visual campaigns for local NGOs. These organizations seldom have the financial means to mount expensive campaigns to bring their message to the public. With this in mind, selected NGOs and the participating artists are offered the opportunity to study the tools of political communication using modern media and subsequently design campaigns on current issues.

Project Working Methods
Although the graphic designers form the project’s core group, they also come together with additional activists, artists, and representatives of local NGOs to adapt a model developed by Israeli studio PO for use in campaigns by German organizations. The cooperation between different stakeholders creates a pool of creative workers who will also be able to build collaborations in the future.

During the two exchange meetings in Berlin and Tel Aviv, the participants take a more in-depth look at the work of social change initiatives on the ground, learn how social media and other digital tools can be used effectively, and then finally develop the campaigns.

Project Goals
This project is meant to encourage young graphic designers to get involved in social change and to make the messages of NGOs more visible. In the framework of the exchange, at least two campaigns, including videos, photos, posters and info stickers, will be realized.
Collaborating Partners
Shatil - New Israel Fund Initiative for Social Change
Studio PO