Human Rights Education in Alternative Schools – a Network for Teachers

Schools are at the center of each society and face questions that currently confront both the education system specifically and society more generally. Within the framework of the project “Human Rights Education in Alternative Schools,” a bilateral team of pedagogical experts set out to develop a concept for a dialogue between German and Israeli educators on the topic of human rights. This concept will be put into practice by teachers at the Independent School Frankfurt am Main and the alternative school of the Masar Institute of Education in Nazareth. There is an emphasis on the critical discussion with Germany’s National Socialist past as well as enhancing the inclusion of the Israeli-Arab minority. Moreover, another important aspect of the project is to provide a platform for a German-Israeli network of multipliers in education and civil society. The workability of the concept will be described in a publication for both a general and a specialist audience.

Education Center in cooperation with the Masar Institute of Education in Nazareth, and the Independent School in Frankfurt. From July 2011 to December 2013, participants will develop a working concept for a human rights approach to education. Two bilateral workshops with 25 teachers from both schools will follow. The project will conclude with the publication of a handbook.