Area of Activity II: Innovation and Technology

Discovering Israeli-German Building Culture

The era of modernist construction is clearly reflected in the streetscapes of Berlin and Tel Aviv. The architectural history of the two cities has been linked for more than 80 years. Exploring this aspect of German-Israeli history thus offers an excellent opportunity to give young people insights into the culture of the respective other country.

8 trainees in skilled trades
4 expert mentors

Project Content
The history of modernist architecture in Germany and Israel is at the heart of this project, which brings together young people working in skilled trades in both countries to carry out restoration work on historical buildings. The participants discover similarities and differences and analyze social contexts via the particular trade they are learning. The main focus here is on the question of how symbols of historical building cultures can be preserved in a sustainable manner – and what significance historical architecture has for the present.

Project Working Methods
The project participants get together for two 10-day working trips, first in Tel Aviv and then in Berlin, acquiring skills and knowledge in relation to the appropriate restoration of historical buildings in specialist workshops. At the same time, the working processes and their respective results are recorded in a blog and documented in a handbook, which is supposed to serve as a set of guidelines for future restorations and as a stimulation for additional bilateral knowledge exchange collaborations.

Project Goals
In addition to consolidating specialist skills, collecting practical experiences, and gaining intercultural knowledge, the project aims to set intensive thought processes in motion by learning and working together. It also encourages the participants to reflect upon the meaning of creation, transformation, and sustainability. They are also given space to develop their own ideas, which can result in joint future initiatives.
Collaborating Partners
Handwerkskammer Berlin
White City Center Tel Aviv