Mixstory – An Encounter with Israel

Young Germans with a migrant background, too, are interested in Israel’s past and present. Within the framework of the project “Mixstory,” sixteen young adults from Frankfurt am Main and the surrounding area have long been interested in issues such as integration, Jewish culture, anti-Semitism, the debates on the construction of mosques in Germany, and the conflict in the Middle East. Under the heading “Mixstory – An Encounter with Israel”, the path leads them to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other locations in Israel where the group meets with representatives of the peace movement as well as having an opportunity to exchange experiences with young Jewish and Arab Israelis. During the organized visits, such as to a kibbutz, the overarching theme throughout is the question of diversity and integration also from one’s own experience as a migrant. The participants will document their working results on the internet and can pass on their experiences in Israel to various youth organizations at home where they work as volunteers. This is an important step for new bilateral networks between young people with a migrant background.

“Mixstory – An Encounter with Israel” is a project of the educational institution Alte Schule Anspach – basa e. V. and takes place from July to November 2011. After a preparatory phase, 16 participants with three facilitators travel to Israel for one week. The program includes common working units, visits to several institutions, and meetings with educational multipliers.