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Children and Youth from Migrant and Refugee Families - Between Policy and Practice

Migration is both a challenge and an opportunity for modern democratic societies. More than half of the world's forcibly displaced people are under the age of 18. Social workers in Israel and Germany play a crucial role in working with children and young people with migration and refugee experience. The goal of this project is the exchange of knowledge and experience between social workers and social work students from both countries. The participants learn intercultural skills and develop trauma awareness for their later work with children and young people in flight. Current refugee policies and discourses are highlighted, and the understanding of similarities and differences in both societies is sharpened. The project participants attend seminars and lectures together in Berlin and Tel Aviv, participate in learning workshops, and speak with local NGOs and people with migration experiences.


30 social work students from Germany and Israel each, as well as young social workers from both countries

Project Goals

In this bilateral exchange, social work students and young social workers learn together in a project bridging politics and practical work. The goal of the one-year combined learning and practical experience is to develop strategies for dealing with children and young people from migrant and refugee families. After completion of the project, a study on the topic will be published.
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The Bob Shapell School of Social Work, Tel-Aviv University, Tel Aviv

Alice Salomon Hochschule, Berlin