Network Programs
Network Programs
G17 for Pluralism (2023)

Following our successful program G17 for Inclusion, our network’s program for 2023 is called G17 for Pluralism, which we carry out in close cooperation with our selected Matchmakers.

The Matchmakers were invited to choose organizations which are working around Pluralism, one in Israel and one in Germany, and bring them together in a learning trip to the other country.

Our Matchmakers led the following 6 matches:

*Pluralistic* Women of the East
Matchmakers Natalie Baruch & Dr. Lihi Nagler brought together Achoti – for Women in Israel and Maimonides Jewish-Muslim Education Institute from Rhineland-Palatinate.
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*Pluralistic* Youth Theater
Matchmaker Lidia Averbukh brought together Homemade dance & Theater from Israel and Junges Theater Augsburg from Bavaria.
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*Pluralistic* Co-Creating Artists
Matchmaker Zeev Engelmayer and co-organizer Daniel Hoernemann brought together the Israeli Cartoon Association and Zukunft:Kunst Association from North Rhine-Westphalia.
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*Pluralistic* Queer History
Matchmaker Dikla Levinger brought together the Queer History Project in Haifa with Spinnboden, the lesbian archive and library in Berlin.
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*Pluralistic* Global Shapers
Matchmaker Dvir Aviam Ezra brought together the Israeli Global Shapers Hub with Global Shapers Hubs in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.
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*Pluralistic* Community Builders
Matchmaker Ben Morag brought together Community Experts Network from Israel with Freiwilligen-Zentrum Augsburg from Bavaria. The learning trip was supposed to begin on October 8, 2023, but, of course, the participants from Israel had to cancel their trip due to the events of October 7. 

G17 For Inclusion (2022)
Our new networking program (2022), G17 for Inclusion (in light of the UN’s 17th Sustainable Development Goal, “Partnerships for the Goals”), creates a network of German and Israeli organizations which work with and for people with disabilities. The program aims to recognize challenges that both countries are … Continue reading
People to People Playground (2021)
You can no longer apply with a creative adventure for the People to People Playground Festival 2021. The festival took place from April 23 to May 7.  More about it here. People to People Playground, Micro-Funding for German-Israeli Creative AdventuresLong run and large scale planning are not so easy these days. This … Continue reading
Matchmaker Seminars (2019-2021)
One-Day Seminar: Become a “Matchmaker” of the German-Israeli Future Network! Twice a year (once in Germany and once in Israel) we’re inviting diverse professionals as well as different kinds of doers, activists and leaders to become “Future Network Matchmakers”. The Future Network Matchmakers are featured … Continue reading