Funding Criteria
Funding Criteria
To be eligible for consideration, your project must both meet all funding criteria (Project Funding criteria / Future Lab criteria) and fit into one of our three areas of activity: 

I. Politics and Society

The democracies of Germany and Israel are facing different challenges today, though also some that are similar and still others that are global.

In this area of activity, we fund German-Israeli projects designed to bring people together to work on opportunities to shape democracy and approaches to overcoming current political and social challenges. We are particularly happy to support projects that strengthen democratic civil-society structures, actively contribute to social cohesion and address specific aspects of the following topic areas:

  • challenges for democracies and democratic structures
  • demographic developments
  • the role of religion(s) in our societies
  • migration, refugee and immigration policy
  • human rights protection

II. Innovation and Technology

In an era shaped by global challenges such as climate change, population growth and dwindling resources, we must look to innovation and new technologies to secure the future.

In this area of activity, we fund German-Israeli projects that bring people together to develop ideas and techniques that can contribute to sustainable thinking and actions. We are particularly happy to support projects that address specific aspects of the following topic areas: 

  • sustainability and the implementation of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • climate change
  • environmental protection and environmental education
  • rural and urban development
  • mobility
  • fair housing

III. Cultures and Communication

How Germany and Israel see one another and the communication cultures of both countries have changed at breakneck speed over the last years. New technical possibilities both carry the potential for increased openness within society as well as dangers with respect to deliberate marginalization and manipulation. Different cultures are able to challenge how they see themselves by exchanging ideas about similarities and differences. German-Israeli cooperation projects can make an important contribution to reflections about group belonging and identity attribution.

Our “Cultures and Communication” area of activity funds German-Israeli projects that champion pluralist societies and a transparent, friendly culture of communication. We are particularly happy to fund projects that deal with individual aspects of the following thematic areas:

  • internet cultures, social media, and media trends
  • openness and diversity of societies
  • social equality
  • gender equality
  • inclusion